Reviews for "Quincy"


Damn, I just looked through your old stuff man, and boy have you improved. This is really awesome man. High to the five. Great use of the class project rules.

fluffkomix responds:

tee hee, i feel accomplished

Shit terrible.

Worst piece of crap I've ever seen. Good job Nick :P

fluffkomix responds:


no good at all.

sooooosoosooooo borrrinnggggg, i cant believe it was ever even thought of.... not, i only didnt laugh because ive seen it like 12 times in class.

fluffkomix responds:

Paul Bel-air

Paul B'Lawn Chair


his vouce was to high pitched and dont make fun of ampute people altough you can laugh at them but not make fun :)

fluffkomix responds:

your logic confuses me.

hahaha omg

that was amazing
my favorite part was when quincy is likerolling
idk why but that cracked me up

fluffkomix responds:

everyone likes teh floppage