Reviews for "Quincy"


Wow, dude, that was hilarious. Mostly Quincy's walking.

Then... the other dude's head was cut in half? LOLWUT?

You deserved the front page and this ten! Keep up the good work!

fluffkomix responds:

thanks man! i'll try to pump out better stuff next time.

Holy crap...

I had to watch it twice kuz when I saw Quicy walk I couldn't stop laughing my ass off and missed everything else. Holy fuk! It was good, but it could use a little touch up. I'll be looking for the next one.

fluffkomix responds:

there will be no sequel. so sayeth the great and almighty fluffkomix, king and ruler of the rubber duckies.


first of all the way quincy gets around is fukin' hilarious!

second, it definatley has potential, it started out great but the ending was kind of.......meh.......

work on the jokes

fluffkomix responds:

i personally think everything couldve used some work.


it was alright i mean it wasnt blockhead standards but then again nothing is :P but im sure in a few years youl be right up there good work!

fluffkomix responds:

the swain sure has a goldmine with blockhead. but too much black in his drawings for my taste but great work.

Bit lacking

Bit sloppy animated and the voices were kinda off "character", but then again, people on this site is fucking genius on drawing and it's really hard to reach their "level".

It was a enjoyable clip, comedy made up for the sloppy animation etc.
Nice vid man!

fluffkomix responds:

i'm slowly working my way up to them. probly reach their level in like 3-4 years hopefully, but only with immense amounts of practice.