Reviews for "Quincy"


I'm quessing Quency also had his junk amputated, poor guy... And he killed his best friend with a surfboard he somehow managed to get on... I bet if he had hands he'd kill himself lol.

fluffkomix responds:

actually it was his keeper. quadriplegic amputees can't fend for themselves you know!


Dude, that was totally awesome!!!

fluffkomix responds:

thanks man!


Short, but funny. The ending was alright I guess. When I say "Classic" I am referring to the way he walked down the hallway. That had me laughin' for a good while.

fluffkomix responds:

as soon as i got the idea for a quadriplegic amputee in my head during class, i immediately got the idea of him flopping around, and as soon as i got home, i did a few test animations of him flopping.

i loved it so much i decided to use it the entire time, with him receiving no help whatsoever from his keepers.


I thought this was humorous for what it was. And to everyone whining about it being front paged, it's up to Tom on what gets front paged or not, views and reviews don't matter. One day the daily first was a flash with a score of 1.2 and had 200 views.

Anyways, now that my pointing out the obvious is over. I enjoyed the flash. It was funny enough that a quadruple amputee could get on a surfboard at all XD

Good work.

fluffkomix responds:

i left that mystery open to the philosophers.


Sorry, but this isn't very funny... The animation was smooth, and the graphics were okay, but the joke was really lame. Although I did like Quincy's noise that he made at the end of the animation, it sounded cute. :3

fluffkomix responds:

the noise he makes at the end is my favorite part :)