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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"


Very nice flash, short and sweet..
The drawings, obviously, were really good, the animation was so-so, but hey, it's your first time.Also, it could be longer.
Make moar plz.

Sabtastic responds:

Moar? Rly? CB

lol I was dreading what these reviews would bring in, beacuse i've heard nothing but bad things about NG being really strict towards nooby flash artists like myself, but it's not so bad!

Thanks! <3

Very nice

This is not so bad, considering it is your first flash work (regarding the drawings you are already super, as I have said in the past).
This is a nice collection of shorts...uhm, really shorts... and the overall quality is good. My favourites are the last two "Yeah, sure" and "Achievement unlocked", I made a couple of genuine laughter! The vote is an incentive to try again and I'm sure the result will be even better.
PS. I love the way you draw yourself! Cool!

Sabtastic responds:

lol! Aw, thanks! c:>
I really appreciate the kind words -- especially the incentive to try again! :D

I plan to make more eventually, but this was sort of a tester, to see if it was worth it. :B

More that I've made in all my life.

That'd sum it all...
They're just a series of tests, but it shows you're in the right lane. I bet you've found somewhat hard to draw in Flash...
Props for the courage anyway!
I'll have to make one so you all can have a go at me, don't worry...

Sabtastic responds:

Man, it's SO hard to draw in flash for some reason! D8> ..I think it's because of the lack of transparency and brush feathering. You're basically just back to drawing in a suped-up version of MS paint, only it smoothes out the lines for you! XD (...and I HAAATE using MS Paint. D8>)

Anyway, I'd definitely love to see what you can make in Flash!! I'm actually relieved to hear that there's such a great artist out there that's at the same point as I am when it comes to using this crazy program. :B You'd probably catch on a little faster than I would, but we can learn off of eachother! C:

Great first attempt!!

You've used some great voices, and put them together so its funny, animation is fluid and the sync is right on time.

Facial expressions, and poses are great; and the function to skip or rewind is a good touch!!

Well done, I'd love to see some more!

Sabtastic responds:

Thankyouuu! 83
I'm glad it's not too terrible after all! hahaha

way hella better than what i use to do

gotta give ya credit, its pretty smoothe