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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

Great for a first timer!

I loved it, love your humor. :D
Also liked how you changed the face of some of the original face to the sounds that you used (Twilight Princess and I guess you know the rest. :3) they fitted rather good exept it still looked wierd not looking to the original design of the sound source, in other words the person or wisp in this case. Great ending as well. :D

Keep it up, hope to see more! :3

Sabtastic responds:

Hehe - it's still weird for me, too.
The voices are so distinct, it's hard to get over. XD

Was definitely great practise, though!! Thanks for the great review! :)


your a lady on newgrounds? will you marry me? please?

Sabtastic responds:

hahaha. XD
Already got a boyfriend man, sorry. :P

Thanks though!

Well, if that's your style.

In my opinion, it takes no talent to draw anime style characters... you don't have to change their expression aside from moving the mouth and the eyebrows (which can mysteriously be seen through the hair or headgear). Their faces have no features, and any "lighting effect" is just a shaded gradient at the edge of the face.

Not much of that applies to these sketches, but anyways... makes me rage sometimes.

(I didn't even take art in university... gyarh)

Sabtastic responds:

Yeah, you've got a point there. lol
Mind you, this was all just for practice, so simplicity was kind of the point - I've never done mouth movement FBF animation before, or any animation, for that matter, so I figured that a static-faced "anime" look would be the easiest to tinker with.

Hoping to move on to a little more of a complex subject, next time around.


"I LoVE U."
-_- "Yeh sure."

XD I was loling for like 15 seconds. And that's an achievement worthy of any 360.

Sabtastic responds:

hah thanks. :3


How do i lvl in newgrounds do i have to comment on flash only cuz iv been commenting on art for days and im geting nothing PLZ help me

Sabtastic responds:

Yep. Just leave reviews on the Flash submissions. You get 10 points for every 5 flash animations you rate, but you can only rate 5 every 12 hours or something. So only 10 per day.