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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"




that was pretty funny

LOL for the Achievement

That was quite funny, as a matter of fact the idea is fresh and hilarious, good!

Watch'ya cookin?

Bacon? i needz dat 2 on meh meniuz
anyways, made me lol :D
deserves a 10
anyways, hope you answer this :D
what do yo use for your art submissions? :D
and on that running girl drawing/portrait thing, can you recommend a good shading tut or something :D
thanks :P

A very neat sample of what's to come

You being a fan of the game, you obviously you put more effort in the L4D animation bit. It was well done.

Let's see if you can incorporate some impressive voice acting later on.

A decent recording mike shouldn't be too expensive.

For a first flash, it is rather impressive!


-it was a bit short and lacking in sound
-it wasn't so much focused on movement animation.

+the lip-syncing was pretty much on cue
+impressive use of colors
+your artistic abilities really show through

Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thanks! XD

As soon as Christmas break rolls around, I'll possibly be able to buckle down into something with an actual plot. There's going to be nothing to do. lol
Let's hope I can get my hands on some good audio if I actually decide to do that! :D

Also, since you mentioned it. movement is something I plan on practicing more in the next ones. Now that i've got a feel for Flash in general, I can work with it a little more effortlessly next time around.