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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

Achievement Unlocked: Watched a Flash Animation

You may have just been fucking around with Flash for fun, but apparently you are incapable of doing wrong, or something. Like Jimmy Stewart or Audrey Hepburn, but ON THE INTERNET.

Normally random compilation flashes are a bunch of idiotic bullshit - not that I'm saying this wasn't ;p - but I actually lollered at this. Of course, it also helps that your art is damn sexy, unlike the first-grade level garbage I blam on a daily basis, but hey!

Buuuuut your speech animations could use a little work. The syncing is fine, but the mouths sometimes move a little bit too long or not at all. What really sticks out is the guy yelling, "Come here sissy!" It looks like he doesn't move his mouth at all. It also feels like he should yell it right before he leaps, but I don't know, maybe that's just me.

On a completely unrelated note, does uploading this flash mean that you've pwned your exams and will be returning to the sweatshop to bring us more delicious colors to our computer screens? =)


Achievement Unlocked: Posted a Review

XBox jokes make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, like the time I swallowed a teddy bear whole!

Sabtastic responds:

HAH. Man, you're too kind.
Thanks for the excessively nice compliments!! XD

Despite all of the improvements it needs, I still get a 10 from ya, so thanks. It means a lot. :B

Also! I'm totally cookin' up something epic right nao. Another flash. >:3

u know...

i dont write reviews if i know that the author wont comment on it...but this...I had no choice!....your stuff in the art portal is nice and this...very nice! XD

Sabtastic responds:

Oh, why thankyou! :D
I'm glad you liked it!!

So Proud... *sniff*

My big sister, all grown up and using flash... OH the joy! *bear hug*

You shouldn't have been afraid of a blam, anything you do will become instantly popular and you should know that by now.

You're welcome for all the help! Sometimes I don't even follow my own advice. lol

Sabtastic responds:


No, Rly. fanks. c:

Pretty good!!


Graphics were immensely shaded which was very nice, most I've seen shaded on a flash... lip syncing was good too but could use some improvement..Taking lines from video games and mixing them to make a script must've been kinda hard to make up. and even harder to make it make sense. The Humor too it wasn't the best and I didn't find it much funny EXCEP the end when you got the achievement. I laughed at that part. Just as a lil' comment I'm the 1,000 viewer on this!! ha ha :D

- Good Luck with Flash in the future!! :D

Sabtastic responds:

The lip sync was what I had the most trouble with! :P ...I don't like the frame-by-frame version of lip-syncing. I know there's a couple other ways to do it, but I'm not aware of how to! D:>

I wish I knew how to stretch and skew shapes so that they would sort of morph into eachother, kind of like what the really good flash artists on NG can do.

But, alas! *dramaface*
Oh - grats on the 1,000th view, too!!

Achievement Unlocked~ ZING!

Pretty awesome seeing how long it has been sense i have seen any thing from you made in flash
I can hook you up with some (at least one) awesome voice actors if you plan on making anything else ;)

Sabtastic responds:

I know eh??
The most I've ever used Flash for was to make shitty little moving icons that I wouldn't even draw IN flash. Then I discovered that you could do that in photoshop, so I just discontinued using Flash alltogether. D:>

But now that you mention the voice acting -- I'm kind of intruiged. >:3
It crossed my mind at some point to get friends together and animate short clips of their voices, kinda like I did here, only with original audio! .. For practise again, of course. >X)

Just a thought, though!! :D