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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

Most Excellent.

This Flash was rather quaint and enjoyable, but the face combined with the achievement thing was just my cup of tea. If I could insert a LOLROFLMAOBBQWIN face I would. And good job on the first time.

That was great!

For your first attempt at flash, you've already surpassed a large number of artists on this site doing flash parodies. Really nice movements, smooth animations, and the final part in the flash was riotously funny to me. So keep it up!


silly and funny and totally random! not bad, shows character! youre mad!! XDD

funny (so is the end)

but i have opne idea about the l4d thing instead of "I love you" it should be " would you go out with me?"


This flash is great! Your face at the end is priceless! :D