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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"


far be it from me to stifle your progress

Sabtastic responds:

Merci. c:

Nice experiment

The flash artwork was good. The Portal auto turret voice in the beginning was just creepy. I'd say the next step is to put together a good story and animate it. Best of luck.

Sabtastic responds:

haha - yeah. It creeped out a lot of the friends I showed it to while it was still in progress. XD



The artwork was great!
The sounds, on the other hand did not really appeal to me...
(probably because I'm really not that much of a gamer)
At any rate.... if this is indeed experimentation with flash...
I commend you on having "the gift."
Good luck, Sab.
...and Keep that ball rollin!

Sabtastic responds:

Aww, thanks!
Will do! :D

Only funny part

YOUR SO SMALL ITS FUNNY TO ME!!!!! but if this your first one and you already have one funny part and the graphics your good you might have potential.

You put your best foot forward

I can easily see great things coming from you. If these are "warm ups" I can't wait to see the results of further solo work or working with others on collaborations.

I honestly find nothing at fault with this submission; you're just sharing your first efforts, and you deliver. Again, I'll be watching you; you're gonna rock this place hard!