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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

Good first try

Well, I'll be fair since this is your first flash and all, and just a test.

Okay, so your style is pretty good. The characters could use a bit more outlining; they look a little blurry. This is especially true for the first three. However, easily the strongest point of this is the facial expressions. Malus's "it's funny to me" face, and Zoey's "yeah, sure" face were absolutely spot on with what they were saying. You've definitely got a knack for that.

I would be oh so impressed if your animations were as beautiful as your artwork. But I'll be realistic, since animating things is a whole different ball game compared to just drawing a still picture.

So, it was good for a first animation. Now that you've got your first taste of flash, I for one would like to see you keep going.

And of course, the ending was full of "lol".

R.I.P. Tourettes Guy :...(

It was funny, Just short. Excellent animations though! Your artwork is very nice.

The Xbox achievement was genius! Seems you have a good taste in games and comedy

Great job.

Very entertaining.


Nice drawings!

The voices were like the only downside (except for those of TF2 and L4D :p). Keep up the good work ;)!

Sabtastic responds:

Hehe - yeah. The TF2 and L4D ones were my favourites too.

I love you

Well ending was kick ass :D Made me happy

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks lol