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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

It's a start.

Great first time flash! At least it was consistent and had good animation overall. The end was a funny wrap up joke, without that last piece the whole thing would be less than it should. I look forward to more in the future. Keep up the phenomenal work.

Sabtastic responds:

AAHHH it's so nice being able to reply to reviews that you know people will see eventually! lol The art portal needs that, too.

Thanks! I'm inspired to do more because everyone is being so supportive. <3
If this hadn't been my flash, i'd probably just given it a 6. c:<

In the last scene I recognized you lol..

I know you from your artwork from the art portal lol.. funny that ur doing flash as well :P it's quite good if it's your first ;) keep it up!

Sabtastic responds:

Heehee. >XD
I always wanted to try animating myself, somehow.. :3

You recognised me?!? :DD Lol - the name, or the red shirt??
*is flattered*

Not bad

.. but where are the boobs? Nah, just kidding ^^
Oh, and gratz for the achievement.

Sabtastic responds:

lol Thankya!

Cute and simple

One minute of fun.


The ending was quite a laugh >)

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks! :3