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Reviews for "Here Goes Nothing!"

Rikku at the end

Nice ,, nothing

Sabtastic responds:

..Rikku? lol


Good, now that I have your attention I would like to say this. Being a critic on Newgrounds have made me seen great pieces of flash and a lot of spam down by many authors. And for a first time flash this actually really good. But if you dont like doing this, please go back desk and make more awesome pictures for all of us to see.


even though it was a short little flash,it was cute and pretty well done,great for a first flash C:


this flash video was too short which displeased me, i wanted to hear more impersonations of people and see more drawings...sadly that did not happen, but i do realize its difficult to make a flash movie, and add the sounds and do the animations and the art and shit. so i give this video a 10 out of 10. very good job.

haha nice

so why don't more women share your tastes in games and animation... oh well, anyway very nice artwork and some nice game shout outs, can't get enough L4d... so way to bring zoe into the mix. even though as ai she thinks it's cool to use pistols instead of her snazzy hunting rifle to rescue people. but yeah keep it up with the animation, you have the art skills already now just make your creations move and come to life. GL and btw no need to "pps" if it's really that horrible. you know yourself it's far from that so don't allow chips on shoulders