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Reviews for "Gravity_"


...love it.


Gravity is what holds everything together. Gravity is what pulls intention from our minds to our reality.

Wheres part 2?


An excellent use of simple animation to convey a complex, multi-faceted concept. The music set the mood well.
Two audio suggestions for part 2:
1)Smooth by XQB
2)Chaoz Fantasy by DJ Beardy Boy

I can't wait for part two to come out!


Beautiful and invigorating words can not describe how I feel about this flash...

Beautifully done.

I love the style you use. Its amazing that you can keep the animation so simple and yet convey a deep sense of wonder at the universe around us. The pacing and atmosphere was perfect. I loved the choice of music as well (although it did break the mood just a bit when he started singing about a girl, but hey, Its difficult to find someone willing to sing anything other than love songs). Still, loved it. I'm looking forward to part two of this.