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Reviews for "Gravity_"

True Prayer

Connection of Mind of Science and Spirit of Life Itself will bring us to another level.
Works like Yours are a proof that it can be done.
It's amazing, now You can't leave us alone like that.
Tell them more.

danomano65 responds:

alright. your review has inspired me to produce another. I'll make it this week's priority

I don't know why, but...

this is really cool. I like the music and i like the way how in the end it gets smaller and smaller until your all the way down to atoms an quarks an stuff. Cool.

energy doesn't die.

its passed on...

So simplistic

Yet so meaningful. This was a well done animation. It was simple which when you look at it fits so well when you're discussing the universe. THe song fits nicely as well. I look forward to another one of these videos.

I really like this

It reminds me of conversations with my dad. He would tell me that everything is probably connected in some way because everything is similar. He told me that our atoms are similar to the way galaxies and planets move. I thought it was super crazy cool.