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Reviews for "Gravity_"


Well the if the universe blows your mind think more about the infinity of creation itself, the universe in all its finite splendor is just one of the many miracles of creation; itself a whole other universe of possibilities and more importantly, improbabilities :D
We're a speck of sand in the universe, but the universe is even smaller in relativity to creation.
Oh yeah and the animation was pretty neat, enjoyed the minimalistic style to it and very well put together, appropiate length as well. Can't wait for part 2.

I dig: good science, neat movie

It's actually dang hard to make something about science that people care about. Your movie's pretty interesting while at the same time actually relates some significant physics. It also looks to me like it's reaching out to people who wouldn't normally care about any of this stuff.

And it's true that gravity "doesn't have much" to do with sub atomic structures, that's mostly strong and weak interaction, but...like...physicists don't know what to do about it either. Factoring gravity into subatomic structures is a big problem in physics. Even though it's small, it does SOMEthing.

fun stuff!

...But gravity doesn't have much to do with sub atomic structures. Thats all like nuclear and electromagnetic forces and stuff.

meh its ok

looks like a car commercial though

Cool and interesting

Im making an animation about aliens in space and its science fiction but not the whole thing. So i need some stuff to help me with the movie and your vid was pretty good.