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Reviews for "Gravity_"

Very cool

Though the animation is pretty simple, it's that simplicity that helps to make the point, & make it easy for n00bs to understand. Really like the end part with the whole super zoom right down to the quantum level. That was pretty cool. Not very enlightening, but I'm sure it'd be a lot cooler to a middle school kid than some out dated Bill Nye the science guy video, that's for sure. Anyway I actually liked the hand made stars etc. I just suggest making your brushes smaller for the more detailed stuff.

Amazing job!!!

What will you have at part 2?


I liked it!

nicely done

indeed, it really helps ppl understand more about quantum physics-> just like iluvAS said.

for ppl who don't know about this stuff allready... this could be a great inspiration.

Nice input!

Everything is energy.. and wavelengths.. This is just one of those things that everyone should know.
I love this kind of stuff. As someone else already said I wasn't really enlightened by it, but good job in inspiring whoever cares to learn! :)