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Reviews for "Gravity_"

Better than a Vagine

Makes me want to jump off a building.
In a good way of course.

The Universe

This sums it up rather nicely. All our discoveries in quantum mechanics seem to be rendering reality as less and less distinct instead of helping to further define and classify it; I'm surprised you stopped at quarks. Going just one step further, into superstrings, would have gone very well with the statement that everything is energy, as string theory is the basis for that idea. Strings could also be a possible springboard for a sequel detailing the nature of other dimensions.

I'm also hoping to see what your ideas regarding consicousness are. Whether inanimate matter (collapsed energy) can be said to possess it, and whether human consciousness specifically is intrinsically meaningful to it's development. Also, whether humanity can somehow indefinitely escape entropy, even when everything in this universe inevitably fizzles out.

was good but

art was sketchy could have been better, and seeing the ending (starting with DNA part) i know you could have done better with beginning

autoplay = stop that

and too short

was kinda cool to watch i guess

hmm liked it but...

what lolz

I don't get it.

I know people are going to grade this review "Not helpful",
just because I graded Low on their favorite animation,
but guys, I'll be telling my side, I don't actually get it.

I understand the contents, the science matter and all,
but what I don't get is you guys being "awed" by this.
Yes it's an animation with interesting idea,
but I'm not that impressed with the animation.

It's just a bunch of brush and basic tool drawings that are tweened.
I mean, there is no actual unique / special animation to be "awed" with.

And the music is not that pleasing to the ear or it is encoded badly,
maybe it would be nice if it got a little higher bitrate and so forth.

danomano65 responds:

dont sit on the broom. sweep with the broom.