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Reviews for "Gravity_"


People who hate on this flash for not being scientifically correct can go to hell. BRILLIANT.

Beautiful :)

I love the nostalgic and philosphi theme you have put into this.
For me, this isnt actualy about how everything is hold togheter by gravity. Its a story of abeginning and how something so big can have so many little parts.
The music youve chosen to this is a key part in the animation so when the sequel comes out you have to pick musik carefully ;)
An other thing I love in the flash is the first sentence, "a system born from singularity", for some reason it sound beautiful.
This is a very odd flash, and that is a good thing. Good luck with the sequel!

danomano65 responds:

I believe you are the first person to actually appreciate this film.

Do you realize...

Do you realize...that this video got me into Tv on the Radio, and I wrote a poem to this song, and won an award at school for it, and wooed a girl at school with it, now we go out, and are very happy, you did alot for me man. Thank you.

danomano65 responds:

you for real?

Wonderful, but...

The science is inaccurate. Molecules are NOT formed by gravity holding atoms together. The atoms form bonds instead. Protons and neutrons don't hold together because of gravity either. And neither do quarks. And while gravity does play a big part in the universe, the universe does not entirely depend on gravity. You totally forgot dark energy, the almost opposite of gravity, that causes the universe to expand. And you used Bohr's model, an inaccurate portrayal of the atom. Electrons don't have a defined path in an atom. Perhaps this was part of the art style, I don't know.

However, I'm just making corrections, and I'm not really thinking about the science involved while writing this review. Other than the inaccuracy, the art style was brilliant. The animation didn't please me, but the art style was excellent and easily made up for that. The music was okay, I didn't really like the music. This made me think a lot. You taught me about quarks too!

I can't wait for a sequel!

danomano65 responds:

i was more referring to how gravity makes galaxies move in spirals and that is similar to the spiral of dna. i know that gravity isn't responsible for the formations of atomic structures. lol. jeez.


i just wonder the philosophy in this flash. Makes me wonder a lot o.o
i really loved the song and the way u make the things move around the center scene.
Curiously, And wondering. Just the way a appreciate it.
Keep up the good work (: