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Reviews for "Gravity_"


Sort of makes sense but it doesn't :S, but it's great cos it makes you think.


very nicley done and good music. would like to see more of these.

basic but a noble idea

while I support the attempt to educate I feel like there's nothing presented here that people who got through highschool without cheating wouldnt know already so I found the presentation rather over the top for such a basic principle.

then again most of america cant even find america on a world map.

im interested in seeing where you're going with this though.

danomano65 responds:

i don't seek to educate science. i seek to help people understand. they know these things, they know galaxies and such exist. but these revelations don't impact their lives. the american mind is so shallow. so dull. that these images do not make them re-evaluate their entire life and past. their purpose and stance on reality. it bounces off just like the principles did in high school.

the philosophy....

.... is already killing my head, if the next ones are going to have more philosophy i will be waiting to see them, my brain will probably explode or something.


It was alright, could have been better. And that everything is energy is E=mc2 for you people! As in energy = mass.