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Reviews for "Gravity_"


very impressive :)

Me likey...

It will be nice to see more when the others are done, cause right now *and i know it's only a first of a few to come* it's still pretty vague and that's ok, hope the next are as surreal as this one was.

lol quarks

Great vid can't wait for part two...though there should be three quarks not two lol


cool idea


Actually, I'm pretty much some learner with all is about physic or quantum physic. I understand easily the concepts, but don't know everything about it.
All I know is this video is actually good. The music is soft and a little dark, to fit with the idea that the secrets of univers is in hand of a artistic neophyte rather then a serious and too pride scientist. Show you space like in everlasting night. Video itself is well animated. Maybe more crytal or glass effet on all object would have be more interesting, but it's still very good. Great montage too. Fluide and artistic.

I like that.