Reviews for "Cell shot"

gud game but.....

its lack of save n load feature, pls add them if u can n u must hear the DANZAi NO HANA song in utube heheh its a great song.

Needs some work...

Extremely hard at a moment, and no retry option. I know, there's a retry option, but that just makes you start from the begining. I get the feeling you didn't want the game to be so hard when you were creating it.

It was close to good =/

The game was to much repeat. No new cells to fight, no kinda of boss stage, boring music. This game would of been great with boss waves, save points, extra lives, and a not so boring upgrade system. Its just a repeat game with the same enemies but just more of them. Made it so hard at beginning that I am getting nowhere with this game with one small mistake. Better luck next time bro :[

frustratingly great

This SHOULD be a great game, but its complete lack of a save feature or multiple lives takes a great deal away from he game. One death, one big mistake, and you're back to the beginning of the game. Were it not for this, it would be an amazing game.


To hard at the begining then way to easy as you get power ups. Normal mode is a joke and pointlessly easy. Hard mode is impossible in the begining because you dont regenerate health, ur slow as balls, and the game relys heavily on clusterfucking you. as such you get to level three and no matter what shit youve bought ur opponents just juggernaut through your attacks and you die. oh and the contact detection at the edges sucks ass. simply get close to the side and you suddenly die to an invisible opponent that apparently was about to appear there even though you should of been able to see it coming.