Reviews for "Cell shot"

Needs some work...

Extremely hard at a moment, and no retry option. I know, there's a retry option, but that just makes you start from the begining. I get the feeling you didn't want the game to be so hard when you were creating it.


needs more lasers or it needs bossis

Very OK

Could have been better if you put more work into it... Needs to be more dark and mysterious.

It was close to good =/

The game was to much repeat. No new cells to fight, no kinda of boss stage, boring music. This game would of been great with boss waves, save points, extra lives, and a not so boring upgrade system. Its just a repeat game with the same enemies but just more of them. Made it so hard at beginning that I am getting nowhere with this game with one small mistake. Better luck next time bro :[

A Bit Dissapointed

This game is really neat and fun to play, but the major thing that gets in it's way is that everytime the player dies in a level, they have to start all over again and has to regain all the power-ups. It's annoying and I don't want to play through it over and over again because the power-ups aren't worth starting over again, because they aren't original or creative.