Reviews for "Cell shot"

Fun and pretty addicting

There were two things that really bothered me though. The red cells that shot at you, the projectiles hit you even if you're just close to them, not actually touching.

Also, the larger cells that are harder to kill give you actually less genetics, that seems backwards to me.



i liked the upgrades
but i didnt like how u had to start from the bery beginning everytime u died,
i also think that the health regen shouldnt be something u have to buy, u should start off with a not so powerful one.

Good game

This was a fun game, the controls were easy enough and the upgrades did help, it was noticable enough. The only issue that I had was trying to collect the cells to upgrade because they would dissappear too fast. It is almost impossible to gather them when you are getting chased by a dozen or so cells. And if the cells ran into you, you get nothing but damage. Maybe make it so if they do run into you, you at least get a little bit of gen so it can help you out in the later levels. And maybe make it so the green cells you collect don't go away so quickly. Other than that it was a great game.

this game is good

yup it is.

Not Bad At All

Yes, the upgrades were marginal in effect at best (health could regenerate faster to say the least) and the action was at times slow, but in the end the game is pretty addictive.

I would agree that this game is repetitive, but what do you really expect from a shooter like this?

By far this is not the best game ever on this site, but I think people are being a bit too harsh in their reviews.