Reviews for "Cell shot"

How do I shot cell?

Good game.


Unlike MOST of the people who played this, I actually enjoyed the game. I found the upgrades helped alot, but you should've made the health replenish cost MUCH less.

Too all of those who say there are glitches: You are retards. I found no glitches.


This was slow, unrewarding, and the upgrades really didn't help.

I think it could definitely be improved by a more up tempo style of gameplay, but at present, I don't think it was great.

Like watching paint dry

this game is BORING to say the least

The artwork is ok, not impressive but not bad

The music is droning and annoying at times, just like the game, it feels slow

The game play is boring, plain boring. Your main objective is just infecting other cells; if it sounds boring, thats because it is.The first time you start it feels like your germ is crawling from place to place. The powerups do little to nothing, the surround shot is the only one that I felt like it actualy did anything. the upgrades are simple to get, that is if your up to the challenge of sitting thourhg this game for more than 2 mins

In conclusion, this game is one of the most boring I've played in a long time, whether its worth the play is up to you

Okay...But repetitive

I gave it such a high score because if I had more time i might've liked it.