Reviews for "Cell shot"

I liked it

The power ups were great, saved me quite alot. Especially the ripple one. Maybe you could add afew more levels with possibly afew bosses.

Not a bad concept

The gameplay was pretty good, except the controls are slow to respond, and the virus, or whatever it is you're controlling is WAY too slow. It makes the game a little more difficult than it probably should have been, but not enough to justify having such slow reaction times to the controls. The animation was pretty smooth. The upgrades need a little work. They're, as stated in an earlier review, very repetitive, and don't seem to do a whole lot for you.

It was pretty good. gltichy

Okay, it was pretty good but bad.
First. it was glitchy
Second. slow reactions. those red lasers didnt touch me and i died.
u dont get enough money so i completed ''easy'' without getting all the upgrades.

I want my 10 minutes back

THE BACTERIA UPGRADES WERE bad. since i didnt know what they do. all u get is a picture


wow..... extremely boring. the powerups are too repetetive and the upgrades are even mroe repetetive.And when you get to the last level, it freakin ends.Are you serious? wasted my time because i jsut wanted to check out the upgrades? make it longer and make it better. Also found some weird glitches

Very OK

Could have been better if you put more work into it... Needs to be more dark and mysterious.