Reviews for "Cell shot"


I have to be truthful this could be a lot better. The concept of the game is simple and it could be more than simple. It went very slow paced and wasn't snappy enough. It was to easy in my opinion. Make it faster and make it a little more hard and you have a decent game here.


The game is simple yet pleasing, the upgrades are your standard on this type of game and some were obviously more useful than others, for example virus turned out uless compared to something such as microbes.

I would advice possibly adding some upgardes to lead to move unquie paths, such as possibly a spread shot with weaker damage but larger range or a single powerful shot that took a while to recharge.

This game didn't offer anything new, however was entertaining for a while. Add a few more diverse viruses, some more variety in the upgrades and maybe increase the difficultly? I found the game not really increasing in difficultly compared to the power of my little cell.

its ok

the game is ok really slow but kinda fun but over all its just ok

A Bit Dissapointed

This game is really neat and fun to play, but the major thing that gets in it's way is that everytime the player dies in a level, they have to start all over again and has to regain all the power-ups. It's annoying and I don't want to play through it over and over again because the power-ups aren't worth starting over again, because they aren't original or creative.

u guys r right

has some decency but other than that CRAP!