Reviews for "Cell shot"

Not bad

Instant game over when you die was extremyly frustrating though. Didn't have the heart to restart after I died. Punishing miustakes too much is not fun.

Great Genre Choice

I love the mixture of shooter gameplay and "big fish" gameplay. It's definitely a fresh idea, at least to me! The reason I only gave it an 8 is because there's really no animation to speak of. While that's a minor gripe, and most people wouldn't even notice, those are the things that bother me. Another reason is another minuscule one that probably only applies to me. It's not very laptop user friendly. It's rather hard to move around and accurately shoot using my laptop's touchpad.

All in all, it's a really good game. I'd like to see you take this game, add some crazy new things, and revolutionize the genre! Good luck mate!


WOW! A game... That is pretty BOOORIIING!!! Whats so fun with shooting at CELLS?!
Graphic 9/10 - Not 3D tough, XD
Fun 0/10 - The idea was copyed/boring too.
Programming 8/10 - itspretty hard to do an game like this, tough.
Music 1/10 - Annoying!!

Good game

Intresting concept, no bugs, and overall a good game.

Music - 2/2
Graphics - 2/2
Idea - 2/2
Annoyance - 1/2
Upgrades - 2/2

So yes, you get 9. I was annoyed that you didn't have a save function though.


Extremely fun

Very smooth game, nice variety of upgrades, just well-around entertaining.

There appears to be a glitch though, unless you meant it to be this way.. but when you upgrade your reload speed / more microbes, and you die, they reload speed / microbe size will remain the same as last updated, even though everything else resets.

ManicMartian responds:

You were absolutely right about the microbe upgrades. I fixed it and uploaded the new version. Thanks for the feedback!