Reviews for "Cell shot"

pretty good

gets a little boring but that just may be me but its solid smooth and fun just not a long term entertainment value

Bad death

Im loving it but didnt like that yougot to start over teh game when you die.

I reall like it

but WTF should that i die ONCE AND FOR ALL?!?! that is nto fair :/

What the hell

This game... I was enjoying it happy in the sense of false security that if I die I start on the wave I died on.

This in not the case... I was willing to put up with the slow movement at first but then I just couldn't be bothered wading through it again...

This game should be good though.

Please make death slightly less EVIL.

Unique and interesting!

This is a unique and interesting game! It's an interesting concept. The graphics; are good, an music is interesting, and the controls are solid. I also like the upgrade system; it requires strategy to pick and choose what upgrades you might need and when to save your points! Great job!