Reviews for "Cell shot"


it's a good game but would be better if the game didn't stop at just 15 rounds and you could get all of the upgrades.


I was just really getting into it with the upgrades and evovling and then the game ended....you definetly should make much more levels or some sort of replay with past upgrades so people can fully enjoy all of there upgrades!


It was ok
Not extremely fun, but it's ok

Great Game

Really great game. Nice graphics. Great gameplay. I just wish there were more levels so I could get all the upgrades. I got most of them. Maybe an infinite play mode would be cool. Other than that it was an excellent game.

Needs tweaking,

The green corpses disappear too fast, make them last longer.
The virus should start with full health every wave, from what I noticed you don't regain health at the end of the wave. Then what's the point of increasing maximum health?
Health regen should not have to be bought, you should start with a weak regen.
Movement upgrades should be more noticeable, I advanced 3 movements but there was little difference in speed from what I could notice. Make them better.
What the fuck is the "microbes" upgrade? I bought the "bigger microbes" one but it didn't do a thing, I didn't get any microbe allies to help me or anything.