Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

great game

my advice, make use of chain break.
Some times it is worth it to take the damage at max chain.

Excellent Effort

Great game! Looking forward to future submissions from your team.

I liked the variety in weapons and ships, and the game's mechanics are great.

Some additions for a sequel I think might work:

- Visible stats numbers for the ships on the workshop screen.

- Intechangable gunners (e.g. Rua/Millie now that Millie's back) with different features. Like Rua using less energy and Millie having more accuracy. Maybe some gunner-exclusive weapons for different gunners? Story events that make certain gunners available or unavailable?

Anyway, keep up the good work. :-)


good game not that meny games are that hard to me


was a bit confused about the controls at first but afterward it was great.


so awesome but to hard so anyway make another thats esay not to hard -^_^-