Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

oh great

I need to amplify my review, and revise the score I gave:
Just as I thought a game cannot be less fair, I managed to beat Millie. And saw that instead of wining the game with that, there comes an even worse enemy, wich has even higher health, and covers the whole fucking screen with projectiles! Just great! When you would relive, thinking you have just beaten the hardest enemy (and the hardest level) of the game, you got tired of focusing on dodgeing counless projectiles, you are low both on health and that thing that gives the overdrive, and yet, you should win against something even harder!
And of course if you loose, you will have to face the 1st final boss again too! Even haveing more than one final boss is an insult to the player, but if at least they are on separete levels, than it's more forgivable, becouse than one can prepare, and start with full health, and nonetheless if one looses, doesn't have to get trough other boss(es) to face the one he lost against. But like this it's a total impertinence!

Ps.: I forgot to mention that chain break thing too. Another super annoying thing in this game, getting always that screen with that cymbal sound. It's ok to have damage chain (or combo), and that it breaks when getting hit. But why should the game pause itself and write that stupid thing anytime I get hit?!