Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

A damn good shooter

I really liked playing this game a lot, but there were a few things that I felt took away from the overall awesomeness of the game. In particular, you really need to go find an editor or go back through and clean up the story. I get the feeling English isn't your first language, but a cleaned up story would have made this a lot more engaging.

I also felt like I should have been able to track what purchasing upgrades actually modified. I know sheilds gave me more hit points, but I could not tell whether attack increased my attack power at all, or how much upgrading energy did, if anything.

I guess it's a personal issue, but I felt like if you were going to have a small battlefield with enemies that bounced around, then making the collision damage so high was really unfair at times, especially fighting a lot of those fast enemies in chapter 4. I had to spend about half an hour farming points until I think I finally just got lucky and scrapped through.

The bosses were fun though, and the game struck a good balance between being frustratingly difficult (as arcade shooters should be), but still playable if the player has patience. Good stuff.


This game is the best I've seen come along in about 6 months. The aiming system is unique(and sometimes annoying), replayable levels, and there's a large amount of weapons to choose from. But I noticed that most weapons are not worth using at all. Weapons:

..Gatling Gun - Good rate of damage, will hit any enemy. No problem with this.
..Multipath - Damage is dependent on range and number of enemies, the closer you are or the more enemies there are, the more damage. No problem with this
..Beam - Best damage, high energy use. This is the best weapon.
..Missile - Low damage, homing, high energy use. BAD. Even though it's homing, the extremely low damage will not make up for it.
..Unique - Mines. Extremely slow moving mines, decent damage against immobile targets, impossible to hit fast ones. VERY VERY BAD. It can kill things alright if they're not moving, but if they do then 95% of the mines will miss.


..Azrael - Special: makes it difficult to pick out the enemies' bullets from your own, so it's not very helpful. Probably should shoot darker bullets.
..Heimball - Special: Heals you a decent amount, not bad if you can't dodge very well.
..Valkyrie - Special: The best. Lets you dodge all bullets and makes all your attacks hit.
..Odin - Pointless, it makes you take no damage which is basically what the Valkyrie will do if you're any good at dodging.
..(Secret) - Makes you very strong, might as well since you've beaten the game.

If you're still curious as to how the final weapons (except for 2 of the beam weapons) and ship are unlocked, defeat Loki. And here's some tips to that:

Max out all upgrades. Equip the BE-KT (3rd Tier Beam weapon) and use the Valkyrie ship. Continually circle the screen while shooting (if Loki moves into your path go in reverse), when your special is available, use it and get close to ensure you hit with everything. You should be able to kill him before your 3rd special is ready.

The missiles and mines need a change and the Odin ship should also have it's ability altered. It would also be nice if there was an option to completely remove the chain break pauses and all dialogue.

very nice

that was the most addictive game ive ever played.. i played for straight hours until i finished the game and i didnt get bored.. but i shall reduce your total score by one, for most of your sentences have gramatic errors.. haha..


Just finished the game 100%

PM me if you want to know how to unlock/beat whatever.

Love this game, but theres a few things messed with some of the weapons. Pretty much just the Last 3rd tier missle, but its been writen about many times already. Really excited to see what else this colab team can whip up! Hopefully, the plot will be easyer to follow.

very addicting

dis is one of newgrounds best games jus cant get passed others