Reviews for "Cube Colossus"


This game is awesome ! Added to favorite

well man!!

is a really good game, you chance the way that are used too lock an enemy XD, you idea was interesting...in general your game is simply but very adictive...you got my 10 for that...
P.D: maybe is you change the songs should be the best, the music is too arcade and too repetive...
see ya, i hope you continue this game XD...a hug bro


i play this game for hours on end.

absolutely NO problems, except some grammar lol.

but seriously one of the best shooters on NG

good job

is very hard to control but when you get it its a very good game but it get anoying very quikli at chapter 3

Very great game.

This is an awesome game. I love these types of games. Almost everything about this game is great. The only think I have a problem with is the movement, which often has me highlighting text outside of the game box.