Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

Awesome game

gameplay is awesome, replay value is awesome.

I was wondering how to unlock excalibur though...I couldn't figure it out. I maxed every gun level out and every ship level, and beat all of the normal levels and the 1 bonus level.


I was skeptical on the control scheme, but It's definitely interesting. The story's intriguing, the graphics are nice, the music is cool, and the general concept it amazing.
Only one complaint: WHY HAVEN'T YOU SUBMITTED THE MUSIC TO THE AUDIO PORTAL! It's kickass, original, and I don't feel like advancing to each level to listen to it.
All in all a truly amazing game.


That was one of the most intense games I've played in a long while and I love it! I just can't beat the Bonus levels though, Loki keeps whooping me like I'm nothing. Anyway, Ioved the game, it has an enjoyable story, and the epicness of a good console game. Keep it up!

Man those people that hated the controls

Are complete morons. At the intensity level of this game using wasd to move around is suicidal. Though an aiming system using QE would be easier then using up arrow to shoot at the nearest target as we might not neccesarrily want to shoot the nearest target. The valkrye overdrive wasn't exactly as specified. It said it had amu-1 plus amu-2 overdrive but it only had amu-1 plus HALF of amu-2 which was invisbility. All in all, awesome game hope to see the next one.

Great Game

Really tough towards the end, took me forever to finally get AMU-X, I was hoping for more bonus levels but it was fun and difficult