Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

Heroic Anime Arcade Shooter

For any avid action gamer, one would love this. A fighter type shooter with high pace mechanisms and octane video game style background music only reinforces the nostalgia and thrill of this type of play.

I like the RPG/upgrade system too, it gives you a sense of progression as well promoting different playstyles, aka tanker or dodger.

The english grammar, is not bad, perfectly understandable. Just keep at it, grammar is certainly a subject even college class students fail at.

I would purport a multiple slot save, as opposed to one slot only but it works. That way, it gives the player a chance to rewind.

Otherwise, extremely fun, anime in a bucket. It could probrably fit in an PSP/Ipod too! Pew pew!


A real awesome game...Graphics are of no comparision.
Gameplay is difficult but overall balance of game is great!

Do u happen to have Cheats or perks in it, cuz am having a sore wrist by playing it more than three hours non stop.And am kida frustrated (cant kill Final boss's deamon )


The game is awesome, excellent graphics and excellent gameplay. Animations are smooth and the storyline really excited me.

But I have a doubt: I've finished the game on level 20, and purchased every weapon available to me. however, I cannot purchase anything else and there's nothing on the "OTHER" section. What should I do?

Thanks and great game, 10/10 n' 5/5.




Amazing game, amazing gameplay, amazing graphics, amazing everything!