Reviews for "Cube Colossus"


Wow, what a great game. Really standard idea, great physics, awesome battle system, epic delivery. The only other thing I see that I find a little lacking is the upgrading, I'd say more in detail with parts maybe drones for more fire and what not. I only got to Act 10 but I will revisit.
Excellent game, I hope and wait for future titles.

all upgrades, still no Axia

Excellent game though!

awesome XD

hey this game was great and I have only one doubt I have the level 99 in all the improvements, I have all the ships and level 99 in weapon proficiency at all but I was not even unlocked the weapon called "Excalibur" as I do? if me and the trophies they are missing the upper right and left eh this trophy next to the act of passing a 100% life


one of the best games i have played yet, pretty good! and iwoenai there is a pause unless you didnt read the insturctions.

Awesome game.

Really, not much to say that hasn't been said already... Beat Loki in one shot though, so that was awesome :3