Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

Not the top class game..but...

Yeah..sitting for around 3 hours now, playing it.
This stuff is something alright.
Might not be advanced, but gameplay along with basic system are all cool.

Unlocked nearly everything, except some medals and two last energy weapons.

Also, I'm not sure what levels "Unique" skill. Tried everything out, and it's as high as 5th lvl.
Unless that's max for this class.

All in all, great time burner.


I LOVED this game, only on chapter 3 lvl 3 and am sweating to death.
My new Fav game since Amorphous+! I liked the targeting but i think the overdrive for AMU 1 was a bit pointless if you have a multipath gun. A feature i would love to be in a Sequel would be to upgrade your Overdrive move. The shield didn't last me long.

Best Shooter Game Ever 100 / 10

Just wow man!!!

this game is incredible fun and addictive!!! though I cared little about the plot, which is weird because I think they are important for games.
maybe it could help the plot to show it rather than let some little face to just tell it, I think it is about looking for somebody missing right?
any who the controls are the best of it, and excellent and a brilliant combination of directional arrows and mouse pad, very engaging and more importantly challenging in a fun way that make you keep trying till you beat it.

the only complain I have is the leveling system, it was a shock when I realized there was a limit to the number of upgrades you could buy, not even a heads up on that? but even more shocking to realize that every upgrade you buy applies for all the other ships, other than that excellent game.


Well... This is 1 of best SHMUP games...
+Nice gameplay
+Lots of upgrades
+Every ship is able to go through any level
+Best story in SHMUP i have ever seen
-Act2 boss was too hard compared to earlier levels
-U cant see achievements, so its kinda blind hunting...

fuck you all

This game is fantastic. Millie was hard for a bit but after i beat her that boss was no problem and even Loki wasn't that bad stop bitching about the difficulty. This is a great game. Good concept, fluid gameplay sweet weapons and AMU's. The only problem i found was the grammar but thats no problem. I maxed out everything and i mean everything and yet i'm missing some things in the archive and a weapon. Help me with that lol =3. But great game all around.