Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

Not the top class game..but...

Yeah..sitting for around 3 hours now, playing it.
This stuff is something alright.
Might not be advanced, but gameplay along with basic system are all cool.

Unlocked nearly everything, except some medals and two last energy weapons.

Also, I'm not sure what levels "Unique" skill. Tried everything out, and it's as high as 5th lvl.
Unless that's max for this class.

All in all, great time burner.


I LOVED this game, only on chapter 3 lvl 3 and am sweating to death.
My new Fav game since Amorphous+! I liked the targeting but i think the overdrive for AMU 1 was a bit pointless if you have a multipath gun. A feature i would love to be in a Sequel would be to upgrade your Overdrive move. The shield didn't last me long.

Best Shooter Game Ever 100 / 10

Nice job

nuff said


Awesome game...hard to play with a laptop touch pad, wish I had a mouse.

Played this years ago...

..And it was such a good game, it stuck in my memory and i came back to play some more :D