Reviews for "Zodiac Reactor"


shoulda kept it simple tho. tryed to be too much with the moing round and chaos orbs. just having the quad round woulda been much better.


It's great. It forces you to remember the colors instead of the origin of the element. The graphics are nice aswell. Very different from the norm, which is a good thing.

The quad survival is my favorite type.


kinda hard to remember where stuff is and also i keep like pressing w/e button the thing is closest to also change the air color i keep thingy white is like a free one make that like gray or somthing but it was a ok game

Number 2?

Wonderful game. And based on the comment below mine own there's going to be an even better SEQUEL!!! I can definately see the second on the front page, seeing as this one was so awesome. Loved the music in it even though it had little to do with the game itself. Great Game, yet again.
Game Play-5/5
Score: 25/25

FunfaceGames responds:

HaHa! Awesome that you liked it, seven! Thanks man! Sequel begin!


its a good addictive game which works well. Its simplicity is great as well and the graphics are decent quality too. But im still a bit disappointed. This game should definately be rythm based. Or at least a game type for rythm. It suits rythm so well. Anyway as I said, despite the lack of rythm, its still a very good and an addictive game;

4/5 8/10. Keep it up!

FunfaceGames responds:

Thanks crazygi!
I see rhythm in the future for version 2!