Reviews for "Zodiac Reactor"

Hard to grasp the concept of

I usually love unique games, but this one seems a bit...how do I explain it...different. It's very hard to grasp the idea/concept. The tutorial was pretty useless to be honest. It'd be better if you could give animated examples instead of still examples.
It didn't take me long to get the idea, but it frustrated me at the start how confusing and hard it was at the beginning.
Good nevertheless

Great, but not perfect.

The concept is very nice. I like it. Although I do have a gripe or two with this game: No fullscreen mode and distracting notices. Like for example when the speed is very high and suddenly u got a notice saying u got 10x combo. That's all nice and good, till u realise u missed one because you lost concentration. That's all. Otherwise a great game:D

FunfaceGames responds:

I went ahead and added fullscreen mode. I was thinking it would slow the game down and make the images look all stretched, but it's pretty cool to play it that large! If I can add medals, I'll see about making that combo animation less distracting when the new version gets uploaded.

Thanks for the feedback!


Loved the concept, and how the game played.
The music was really into the game, and the variety of challenges was nice.
Just thought that the difficult climbed up to fast.
Overall: Very good game! Make a sequel with difficult adjusting or training mode and this can be a new fever!


Awesome Game. I love it. Even though I suck at it.
Could possibly be a life drainer. lol

i dont like it

srry just not my type of game but if it was then i would give it 10/10