Reviews for "Zodiac Reactor"

only 3.76?

i don't know why it's that low, i think it's a very gokod game, maybe not the best of all time, but 9/10 should be average.

Very good game!

Man this game is very cool to play, the design is just awesome!

A perfect puzzle game!

Great, but...

Well, one thing that annoyed me that not everyone has gone on about is that it keeps giving me the tutorial each time i play it, so maybe if it was changed to just the once or even in a different section of the game then that would be great. Well that's what i have to say. other than the repetitive same speed, great job!!!

Very addictive!

I've played it now 4 times, and ended up just playing Terminal Velocity. I would have given the game a 10, but there's one thing about the game, that annoys me:
It never gets harder! Terminal Velocity is the same speed over and over again. I have a highscore of 2 million points. I didn't want to play further than that, 'cause it just ended up repetitive. I like the fact, that you can cool down the thing and make a shield, 'cause sometimes you just get very confused, but when it never gets harder, well... Basically, in the end it was just a matter of how much patience I had :/

Quad Survival is much harder though. I've only got 120k in that. I just lose, because the start is going so slowly, that I get confused, and a bunch slip by, so when I'm at Terminal Velocity speed, the bar is already 5/6 full :S

Anyhowsies, great job! I enjoyed it a lot, and it's a cool new take on the reflex games! It takes a lot of getting used to this game, because of the funny elemental balls flying everywhere :)


I love these kind of games. The setting/graphics was captivating, the music blended well and added to the experience, and the concept/gameplay was simple yet challenging. An overall addicting experience.

Also, I'm a sucker for bright lights and flashy things, and this game had lots of that.