Reviews for "Zodiac Reactor"


Phenominal game! Made me realize my reactions need some fine tuning for sure.
Think Simon, but on steroids, and as a reaction not as a memory game. Hard but very fun! Good job!


Earth and water...and fire and...wind.... You'll find plenty of that down there!

Lazydaemon Review 300 presents...a challenging game that kicked his ass!

This is a game that has a simple premise, but it is not a simple game. No no... Let's see. First off, the game works sort of like Simon. Remember Simon? Four colors to repeat a complex pattern? Only this isn't memory, this is face-paced syncing. So, you have an all-element reactor which has to be calibrated to suck in the four major elements (and if I see the Final Fantasy fiends in here, I'm RUNNING). This in of itself is fun and manageable, and I took to it, no sweat.

But then, the tricky stuff got added, and it became more complex. There are some games that I take to like water, couldn't ever be beat at. This is the kind that makes me GLAD its hard, because that means there's a challenge that I can excell towards. So, when I have less distractions and more spare time, I'll have fun with this. Mostly, I just need the coordination.


FunfaceGames responds:

Wow thanks for the great review, Lazydaemon! I'm glad you like the challenge. That was my main goal with this game; to make something fast-paced and reflex intensive!


I love this game. It has it all, Graphics, Game Play,Music/Sounds,Difficulty.
And (at least for me) it doesn't get boring, you did an awesome here mate.
Keep 'em coming



Veeeery addicting game, it's so simple but it's so much fun. Thank you for that

i like it

it's what i call fun!