Reviews for "Zodiac Reactor"

I likes it

99% of the flash games I play here, other places and everywhere suck. Welcome to the 1% club :).

Cool stuff. I been zeroed in on this game for quite awhile and having fun with it. Great work.

The game didn't work for me here on Newgrounds for some reason, found itat Kongregate.com though.


This game is really cool, but the goal is really not intuitive. I mean that I didn't read the instructions before my first play, and I didn't understand anything of what I was supposed to do. Had to start the game again!
Anyway, the tutorial is very simple to get. It entertained me for a dozen of minuts, but after that I got bored... I'll go back to it though

Pretty good.

Its a good game but i mean it got kinda boring for me. Well done.

Really good

A zodiac reactor that changes elements into stars... something i never even imagined. Great game, starts out pretty easy and gets quite challenging. Keep up the good work :D

FunfaceGames responds:

Thanks iamTODDIE!
It can get pretty crazy, but that's where it becomes really fun if you ask me!

Very nice game

The idea is very nice. I loved the different game modes and the "EOM's". There was no lag at all. I thought that it would lag as the other games in this gerne but it was very smooth and so it was rly one of the better games i played so far :)
What else to say? Like Seven said:
Game Play-5/5
Score: 25/25

FunfaceGames responds:

25/25... I'm honored!