Reviews for "Zodiac Reactor"

It's like Guitar Hero.

No rock, but the premise is the same. You did a great job on it. The particles swerve to throw you off rather than fly straight at you is the defining feature that makes it unique.

Quite good

Yeah, well done reaction game.
Good to kill some time.

Pretty good.

I must commend you. This is quite the good game. I found this game to be a great way to test your hand-eye coordination, as well as improve it.

Though I will say that looking at the high scores, there are people that either have near-perfect coordination, or have no life at all. 740 combo? 3 million+ scores? Wow.

Anyway, great game!

FunfaceGames responds:

Thanks Plume!
I almost booted that score from the list, but it checked out in the database. Might just be someone using those flash hack apps though...

Awesome game!

Best game here!


Not bad. It's the type of puzzles games that I have not played in a while. Well done!