Reviews for "Zodiac Reactor"


This is a good casual game. I could seem myself playing it a few times through, and it's a lot of fun. Nice work.

Great Game

I hope this get an award cause I had soo much playing it. Congrats to the creators and all that help make it.

Fun game.

I think this'll make daily 2nd place. Maybe. ^_^


I usually don't like these kinda games, but this one is really well done. The only thing that bothers me is the "combo" animation. When it rumbles like that, it distracts me from catching the orbs [especially in the Speed rounds].

FunfaceGames responds:

Thanks Andragon! I was so close to cutting out the combo animation for that exact reason, but eventually decided to leave it in and tone down the camera shake a bit. Maybe I should kill the camera shake for that altogether?

Wooot so fun!

Great game! It really tests your reflexes