Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

Call me a dumbass...

but i cannot do it!! i cant make the loading bar!! i did everything u told me 2 do but it dosent work!! i think this tut needs a bit more explantion....good otherwise

Frank2982 responds:

If you have AIM, you can contact me on there. Or if you don't have AIM, visit the clock crew web site www.clockcrew.cc and sign up. And post in the Flash Forum and leave a message referring about this flash and I can contact you there.


now i can make a decent preloader. rah.

this rulz

i now know how to do the preloader but how do u get the little italic a were a keyframe is

Top shiznit, j0

Better than the shitty crap that I don't understand. Much better.


That preloader tut. really made sense. That some cool shit you made