Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"


I thought that was great! there is a real lack in these kind of movies, i am now seriously thinking about making a tutorial movie, maybe a sliding bar pre-loader with percentage like Lookitsgecko said! onvce again, great movie!

Frank2982 responds:

Do you mean you want to make a tutorial for a sliding bar preloader with percentage? If so... umm Well that's what this Tutorial did. If you put it together and follow it correctly it will make a sliding bar preloader with percentage. Lookitsgecko has already made a movie using this cause I talked to him a little while ago.


This is great, im gonna be putting out a movie soon and I really needed to know how to make the sliding bar pre-loaders that show the percentage, thanks. Good job.

Frank2982 responds:

Thanks man. Glad ya liked it.


thanks for the helpful information , now i hope some flash designers make better preloaders !

Frank2982 responds:

yeah, me too

that helped alot but i'm still stumped.

I can now make the most very basic preloader.
Was this flash made on 4 or 5? I have number four.(500 bucks to upgrade to 5? STUFF THAT!!)
and I also suck at flash right now. Like alot of people my first animations are little stick man animations. (none are uploaded here though)

Frank2982 responds:

This was made in Flash 5. You could always download the free trial and get a crack for Flash if you really want it. But thats up to you. And I doubt it cost $500 bucks to upgrade... Cause its $300 American to buy Flash 5 (I believe) and I don't think Canadian exchange rate is that bad. But I don't know.

great work

This great movie's a great one to show those newbies from NG what a standard preloader should be

Frank2982 responds:

It's funny. In your profile you say you are Frank... but wait, I thought I was Frank... Oh well. Any ways, yes newbies need to learn preloaders. They aren't that hard.