Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

help me...

I didnt understand where to put some of the actions. Does it mather if i put them in a frame or in the loading bar or what?? U didnt really say where to put the actions, well the first u did but not the last ones, so please tell me. And how can i see the loading bar in action? I mean I cant see it on my computer cuz i already have it there...

Frank2982 responds:

If I stop being lazy, I will put an even easier to understand tutorial on my site. But I am always lazy. But all of the code, except gotoAndPlay(1), should go in the first frame of the AS layer.

Yes this is all great and fine if...

You have flash 5 that stuff with turning it into a graphic but that doesnt show up on mx so could you please send me and email telling me how to do that or something?

Frank2982 responds:

Every thing should work in 5 or MX. I will start making stuff in MX when I put my tutorials up (if I ever stop being lazy) because I no longer have 5. So check back every once and a while and see if I stopped being lazy and put up some tutorials.

Thank God, Budda, And Everything else!

Halleluia! Whoopie! I have finnaly learned to make a preloader! Whoop Whoop Whoop!
Make more! Please! Your masterness precedes me!

Frank2982 responds:

I would make more, but what should I do it on. I can't help unless you help me help you.

thanks for help but...

i couldnt get mine to go to the next scene after it finished loading. grrrrrr.

Frank2982 responds:

Maybe I should make a tutorial called "How knot 2 B an Idiot!" Cause if you follow that AS exactly it will work. Maybe if you said what you did (wrong) then I could have replied with a way to help you out. But you gave it a 10 so I <3 you for that.


ummm, okay....and how did this get daily feature? i know how to make a preloader. hell, if i knew that u would get a daily feauter for makin a preloader tutorial i could have just done one in about 10 minutes.

Frank2982 responds:

This was made when people didn't know how to make one. Most still don't. Just because you do doesn't mean this one is bad. And I threw this together real quick too. Although you wouldn't get the Daily Feature for it now though cause people will say you are copying Tom Fulp.