Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"


Preloaders should be made like that.....a good preloader is a good start :)

Frank2982 responds:

Thanks. You do know that I have made other things that are more entertaining and what not. Also, I looked in your profile (as I do for any one I respond to) and noticed you got BBS UOTD on my birthday! Cool, huh? I didn't think so either.


I guess it helps

Frank2982 responds:

Well, if you didn't know any thing about preloaders before, of course it helped. But if you did know something about them. I am sure it didn't help.

Good tutorial

Very good! It was pretty understandable, I don't know why it is in the games section, but it is phat nethertheless. Good Show!

Really useful

thanx, and i didn't really understand the tutorial, but it was great that you could download it

good job

Frank2982 responds:

What didn't you understand about it. Maybe if you leave a message in the Flash Forum, me or some one else can help you out.


i hardly consider this a game

Frank2982 responds:

Me neither. But it is an Interactive. So I chose "Interactive/Game" when I uploaded it. But Wade changed it to say movie, so now this is all moot.