Reviews for "Helpful Preloader Tut"

a cut above

this was more informztive than other pl tuts


Thanks so much, I suck at preloaders (as well as most other parts of flash) and did not understand most tutorials, plus, none helped with Flash MX. Yours works great with it. YAY!

Oooo! A good tutorial!

Thank you for making this. Unlike most, it is easy to understand and not too simple.

I need help

I am a bit dumb and I was wondering what kind of program do you need in the first place before you put in layers and what not What is the program called and where can you get it please tell me my email is diverldw@comcast.net I will look back for a reply and check my email please help me

i need help!

sorry but you cant just say add this script without mentioning where. Being lazy is no excuse! I have made a really cool flash file but need a preloader before publishing to newgrounds. My flash version is 4 and i find it hard to understand what your explaining with a newer version. help me out pleaze, i'll cheack back for a reply. thanx